Friday, January 23, 2015

EF #3 Challenge : How gadget affects our life

        My second post about English Friday Challenge :) Now the EF#3 Challenge theme is how gadget affects our life. I am grateful how gadget was created. My life's activitiy is easier because technology especially gadget. My everyday gadget is cellphone and tablet phone. both of them always with me every single day. Cellphone for texting and calling. My tablet phone is for browsing and playing my social media stuff. I don't like game. Only my husband who installing game in my phone and no longer after that, i always uninstall his game haha. I don't really like music too, so i never have playlist, or ipod, i just listen to radio.
        How i hate gadget is when my husband really enjoy playing game in his cellphone (blame to Clash of Clan, get rich, and plant zombie grrrrrr) and he is not really listen to me when i talk to him beacuse of his gadget. And sometimes he hate me too when i really busy with my social media stuff especially instagram and blog hehe. So we have a deal. Every night after arrive at home, we only have 1 hour to keep busy with gadget. After that is gadget-off time. All of our cellphone and tablet is are in charge. So we can do our pillow talk time or snack time while watching detective movie.

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