Thursday, January 15, 2015

EF #2 Wildest Dream Challenge

       This is my first posting after join BEC (Blog English Club), today is English Friday challenge :) this time the theme is about our wildest dream. Let me think,,,hmm,,,it is easy. my wildest dream is being detective or working for FBI and CIA (ln Indonesia maybe it called "Badan Inteligent Negara (BIN)". I know it is sounds riddiculous. Even when i tell my husband about it, he laught out loud and then say "this is the effect of detective movie that i always watch everyday" then he smile, and we laugh together.

        I love psychology and everything related to that. i read psychology book, learn graphology (knowledge about handwriting analysis), take course about certified grapholog, i learn how to "read" and analyst people from their face and body language. i collect detective conan comics. i watch thriller, mistery-puzzle, detective, and FBI or CIA movie. I love to learn about forensic too. my favourite movie is : CSI Miami, Body Proof (yeah there are pretty and smart forensic doctor), The Listener (i really adore how the police can hear people mind), The mentalist (yaaa i adore detective who can pay attention of people detail, their movement, body language, expression, even from everything around them, for example pet, it can tell much more about people who have it).

        I love supernatural things too. i believe there are other world, other dimension, which is not all people can understand simply because they can not hear or see it. i myself can not do that too, but i just believe they are eksist. in here Indonesia, i like Sara Wijayanto and Risa Saraswati. They both are amazing talented and blessed lady. i love to learn about Indigo child too. They are so interesting.



  1. It would be very interesting being a detective. Dreamed about it as well. Thanks for joining the challenge! :)

  2. Thank you mas dani :) by the way i have not finish writing yet mas, because i am hungry and want to eat lunch first hehe