Thursday, December 17, 2009

one day before Islamic new year =]

i'm still here
far far away from home
doing my job completely
wondering when will go home as soon as possible
planning much fun things to do in this long (enough) holiday. yiiihaaa XD

before i go home,
this is some things to do:
1. prepare my laundry (make sure that Mr.Laundry on time to come!)
2. take the garbage far away from my "paradise" room haha
3. washing plate,spoon,glass
4. packing for going home (don't forget KL MIRA, 15thousand rupiahs -yupx that for buy my bus ticket-, 200rupiahs -for peron-, mineral water, bar of chocolates, cell phone + charging, ok enough!) =p

wowwowwoww the bell is ringing
its time for go home
c uuuu

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