Monday, April 12, 2010

beauty is struggle

some days this week, i accompany my new best friend to skin care doctor. she is beautiful. really. but yaph we, girls, love perfection. some acne can destroy all our day. when we have a good skin, then we love to make it brightener, smoother, etc. hoho how we love beautiful thing so much =) some girls spend much money to get perfect performance. buy some cosmetics, go to skin care, do diet, buy oh-so-cute clothes, and all that pretty stuff. for what? to be beautiful of course. my self including the careless one. since two days ago,, i got acne. maybe it caused by stress. more i try to dissapear it, more i make it worst =p so, i try hard to find the solution. there is some tips from me:

1. wudhu. haha weird yak? but believe it or not, wudhu is for purity, makes me calm, cool, fresh, comfort, if our heart pretty comfy, can boost our inner beauty shining XD.

2. the important things is keep our body in good condition, keep clean. don't be lazy to clean your face. the right step: (1) put milk cleanser, massage gently, rotate. and clean with silky wet towel. don't use COTTON (2) use facial foam (3) use toner with cotton. don't MASSAGE (4) use moisturizer depend on your skin (normal, oily, dry) (5) use sun screen non-PABA.

3. remember, there is no instant result. don't believe in cosmetic that promising you whitening skin only couple days. People has type of skin. as i know, Asian people (especially Indonesian) have a "kuning langsat" until "sawo matang" type of skin. why? because we live in tropic country, which have sunshines all years. so we have more melanin to protect our skin from UV A and UV B, source of skin cancer. SO, whatever hard we try whitening our skin, it can't be as white as Kaukasoid people (such as Japanese and Chinese). maksimum skin tone is as white as our under arm skin. i proud to be exotic =)

4. take care of your skin, your hair (use shampoo, conditioner, hair tonic, hair mask), your body (get exercise, don't be hard to your body, take a rest, enough sleep, eat healthy food), your soul (keep good emotion, positive thinking, always feeling blessed)

5. beware of your food. eat more fruits and vegetables, minimize meat. in my experience, when i reduce to consume kind of meat (chicken, beef, goat meat) i feel better. fluently digestion metabolism. not sleepy anymore. and more patient, calm, purity. there is connection between what we eat with our attitude. i think i already know what the meaning of this quotes "You Are What You Eat". i'm not suggest you to become a vegetarian. it is all up to you. but me, my self, i'm still love meatball, Kabuli Rice made by my luvly mom (miss you!), love dendeng padang, chicken courdon bleu, and many yummy gummy meat food when Idul Adha comes. i just minimize the portion. not remove it from my menu =) (i'm sure i can't). get supplement (vitamin C and E), honey, and Habbatussaudah or jinten hitam

by the way, accidentally i want to eat this food huaaaaaa,,,=(

GREEN TEA LATTEHmmm,,, have a great friends ^^ God Bless You

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Push your spirit to the limit

morning all ^^ how was your day? hopefully as bright as mine. i love to write in the morning. i dunno. feel so fresh. sitting beside the window. eat some fruits and blogging haha eventhough it makes me must wake up earlier every morning (xixi finally i have a good habbit XD). today i feel so,, what is it. messy. awkward. i realized that i have something to do to make my life more "clean", organized, and well done. so, today,in this sunday morning, i have to change my life to be better (Spirit! spirit!) ^^d. there is my To Do List for today:

1. clean up my table. huhu there is like hypermarket. many kind of things there. books, paper, candy, some fruits (waks!), daily treatment cosmetic, my table lamp, and of course my luvly lappy. this is the truth,,(yaiks)

2.organize my backpack. clothes in my cupboard. all the package under my table.
3. separated the "used thing" to "unused" ones.
4.mmm,,what else? haha i think enough =p it is massive enough to do in my sunday lazy time haha

so,, don't talk just act

by the way i found my way to push my spirit:
1. make sure that your room in best condition. clean, fresh,well organized. believe it or not, condition around you influence your mood. better condition equals to great mood
2. talk to your friend. make "silaturahmi". sharing is a best medicine
3. write down your dream, your target, or inspiring quotes in colorfull letter and post it in place that u can easy to read. remember "the secret" by Rhonda B? all you think about is all you get. it is The Law of Attraction
4. do your hobby. do all you wanna do. everything
5. Eat your favourite yummy gummy food ^^
6. cutting hair, massage, facial, scrubbing, spa (haha blessed to be a girl =p) make a little change for your apparance. trust me its work
7. sharing with your beloved sister, brother, mom and daddy. family is always have the right answer
8. Sholat, read Al Quran, Close and closer to God of course

Have a great day all of you my lovely friends,, XoXo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things that makes me happy today

haha what a beautiful friday morning. i dunno why but i feel soo happy this morning. Feels great. full of spirit. what can i say?. noo,, i'm not falling in love with someone (although i hope so =p). this is unexplain-weird-sweet feeling xixi. when you open your eyes and feel blessed. you just want to smiile all day long . feel free. hmm,,love this unexplain feeling mucho. mmm,, maybe like when you get a bunch of colourful flower in your birthday
or when you enjoying sunbathing in sunrise moment,,

i feel so,,,COMPLETE, with all i have in my life. it will be so much fun if i can wear all that summer dress below,,1. cute pinkie-green dress

2. simply turquois

3. flowery spring

4. and sweetest,, purpleis fever
of course for jilbaber (what is it.hehe.muslimah who wear veil i mean =)) wear it with cardigan, gladiator flat sandals, and paris veil of course. what a cute!


for you all my friends, hopefully you have a great day to. enjoy your sunny sweet sunshine. *kisses* cheers
psst,,have i told you yet that this weekend i'll get an adventure to Bogor with my beloved besties? yapyap. enjoying fresh air, all that green stuff, playing flying fox, paintball, riding ATV! sounds awesome right. can't wait to travelling and sharing that to you XD wuawwh wishing time flies faster =p

Super Duper Haiiii XD

Wawhhh,,it must be long-long time no see my blog!!! huftt,,
miss uuu
after all my-busy-things-job-to-do
and came out from financial crisis (huhu)
finally i start to write again. yippie ^^
before that, i have something to do
i plan to delete all my mellow posting in my blog
because i don't wanna influence people who (maybe accidentally haha) read my blog with bad things
eventhought if i can influence people, i just wanna give good "things" to share
second plan is i wanna write in English
forgive all mistake i've done or make you're not comfort to read because my silly grammar hehe =p
so, let's the story goes,,