Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things that makes me happy today

haha what a beautiful friday morning. i dunno why but i feel soo happy this morning. Feels great. full of spirit. what can i say?. noo,, i'm not falling in love with someone (although i hope so =p). this is unexplain-weird-sweet feeling xixi. when you open your eyes and feel blessed. you just want to smiile all day long . feel free. hmm,,love this unexplain feeling mucho. mmm,, maybe like when you get a bunch of colourful flower in your birthday
or when you enjoying sunbathing in sunrise moment,,

i feel so,,,COMPLETE, with all i have in my life. it will be so much fun if i can wear all that summer dress below,,1. cute pinkie-green dress

2. simply turquois

3. flowery spring

4. and sweetest,, purpleis fever
of course for jilbaber (what is it.hehe.muslimah who wear veil i mean =)) wear it with cardigan, gladiator flat sandals, and paris veil of course. what a cute!


for you all my friends, hopefully you have a great day to. enjoy your sunny sweet sunshine. *kisses* cheers
psst,,have i told you yet that this weekend i'll get an adventure to Bogor with my beloved besties? yapyap. enjoying fresh air, all that green stuff, playing flying fox, paintball, riding ATV! sounds awesome right. can't wait to travelling and sharing that to you XD wuawwh wishing time flies faster =p

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