Monday, April 12, 2010

beauty is struggle

some days this week, i accompany my new best friend to skin care doctor. she is beautiful. really. but yaph we, girls, love perfection. some acne can destroy all our day. when we have a good skin, then we love to make it brightener, smoother, etc. hoho how we love beautiful thing so much =) some girls spend much money to get perfect performance. buy some cosmetics, go to skin care, do diet, buy oh-so-cute clothes, and all that pretty stuff. for what? to be beautiful of course. my self including the careless one. since two days ago,, i got acne. maybe it caused by stress. more i try to dissapear it, more i make it worst =p so, i try hard to find the solution. there is some tips from me:

1. wudhu. haha weird yak? but believe it or not, wudhu is for purity, makes me calm, cool, fresh, comfort, if our heart pretty comfy, can boost our inner beauty shining XD.

2. the important things is keep our body in good condition, keep clean. don't be lazy to clean your face. the right step: (1) put milk cleanser, massage gently, rotate. and clean with silky wet towel. don't use COTTON (2) use facial foam (3) use toner with cotton. don't MASSAGE (4) use moisturizer depend on your skin (normal, oily, dry) (5) use sun screen non-PABA.

3. remember, there is no instant result. don't believe in cosmetic that promising you whitening skin only couple days. People has type of skin. as i know, Asian people (especially Indonesian) have a "kuning langsat" until "sawo matang" type of skin. why? because we live in tropic country, which have sunshines all years. so we have more melanin to protect our skin from UV A and UV B, source of skin cancer. SO, whatever hard we try whitening our skin, it can't be as white as Kaukasoid people (such as Japanese and Chinese). maksimum skin tone is as white as our under arm skin. i proud to be exotic =)

4. take care of your skin, your hair (use shampoo, conditioner, hair tonic, hair mask), your body (get exercise, don't be hard to your body, take a rest, enough sleep, eat healthy food), your soul (keep good emotion, positive thinking, always feeling blessed)

5. beware of your food. eat more fruits and vegetables, minimize meat. in my experience, when i reduce to consume kind of meat (chicken, beef, goat meat) i feel better. fluently digestion metabolism. not sleepy anymore. and more patient, calm, purity. there is connection between what we eat with our attitude. i think i already know what the meaning of this quotes "You Are What You Eat". i'm not suggest you to become a vegetarian. it is all up to you. but me, my self, i'm still love meatball, Kabuli Rice made by my luvly mom (miss you!), love dendeng padang, chicken courdon bleu, and many yummy gummy meat food when Idul Adha comes. i just minimize the portion. not remove it from my menu =) (i'm sure i can't). get supplement (vitamin C and E), honey, and Habbatussaudah or jinten hitam

by the way, accidentally i want to eat this food huaaaaaa,,,=(

GREEN TEA LATTEHmmm,,, have a great friends ^^ God Bless You

Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Push your spirit to the limit

morning all ^^ how was your day? hopefully as bright as mine. i love to write in the morning. i dunno. feel so fresh. sitting beside the window. eat some fruits and blogging haha eventhough it makes me must wake up earlier every morning (xixi finally i have a good habbit XD). today i feel so,, what is it. messy. awkward. i realized that i have something to do to make my life more "clean", organized, and well done. so, today,in this sunday morning, i have to change my life to be better (Spirit! spirit!) ^^d. there is my To Do List for today:

1. clean up my table. huhu there is like hypermarket. many kind of things there. books, paper, candy, some fruits (waks!), daily treatment cosmetic, my table lamp, and of course my luvly lappy. this is the truth,,(yaiks)

2.organize my backpack. clothes in my cupboard. all the package under my table.
3. separated the "used thing" to "unused" ones.
4.mmm,,what else? haha i think enough =p it is massive enough to do in my sunday lazy time haha

so,, don't talk just act

by the way i found my way to push my spirit:
1. make sure that your room in best condition. clean, fresh,well organized. believe it or not, condition around you influence your mood. better condition equals to great mood
2. talk to your friend. make "silaturahmi". sharing is a best medicine
3. write down your dream, your target, or inspiring quotes in colorfull letter and post it in place that u can easy to read. remember "the secret" by Rhonda B? all you think about is all you get. it is The Law of Attraction
4. do your hobby. do all you wanna do. everything
5. Eat your favourite yummy gummy food ^^
6. cutting hair, massage, facial, scrubbing, spa (haha blessed to be a girl =p) make a little change for your apparance. trust me its work
7. sharing with your beloved sister, brother, mom and daddy. family is always have the right answer
8. Sholat, read Al Quran, Close and closer to God of course

Have a great day all of you my lovely friends,, XoXo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things that makes me happy today

haha what a beautiful friday morning. i dunno why but i feel soo happy this morning. Feels great. full of spirit. what can i say?. noo,, i'm not falling in love with someone (although i hope so =p). this is unexplain-weird-sweet feeling xixi. when you open your eyes and feel blessed. you just want to smiile all day long . feel free. hmm,,love this unexplain feeling mucho. mmm,, maybe like when you get a bunch of colourful flower in your birthday
or when you enjoying sunbathing in sunrise moment,,

i feel so,,,COMPLETE, with all i have in my life. it will be so much fun if i can wear all that summer dress below,,1. cute pinkie-green dress

2. simply turquois

3. flowery spring

4. and sweetest,, purpleis fever
of course for jilbaber (what is it.hehe.muslimah who wear veil i mean =)) wear it with cardigan, gladiator flat sandals, and paris veil of course. what a cute!


for you all my friends, hopefully you have a great day to. enjoy your sunny sweet sunshine. *kisses* cheers
psst,,have i told you yet that this weekend i'll get an adventure to Bogor with my beloved besties? yapyap. enjoying fresh air, all that green stuff, playing flying fox, paintball, riding ATV! sounds awesome right. can't wait to travelling and sharing that to you XD wuawwh wishing time flies faster =p

Super Duper Haiiii XD

Wawhhh,,it must be long-long time no see my blog!!! huftt,,
miss uuu
after all my-busy-things-job-to-do
and came out from financial crisis (huhu)
finally i start to write again. yippie ^^
before that, i have something to do
i plan to delete all my mellow posting in my blog
because i don't wanna influence people who (maybe accidentally haha) read my blog with bad things
eventhought if i can influence people, i just wanna give good "things" to share
second plan is i wanna write in English
forgive all mistake i've done or make you're not comfort to read because my silly grammar hehe =p
so, let's the story goes,,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hate to be removed

it was surprised when you realized that u get removed by someone.
either it was your ex or someone you dont know well. it were your friends? or someone else.
It feel the same. HURT. PAINFULL.
some years ago i ever remove someone from my facebook friend list.
i was very angry. then decided not to know him/her in my whole life anymore.
i stopped all comunication way to interact with him/her.
i just wanna totally delete that people from my life.
i called it "black list".

i thought it will safe my heart from broken.
i thought my life will so much better without them.
i thought it can be so easy and i can move on soon.
i thought it all their fault. and thats all the consequencies.
they should be get it.

time goes on,,and i realized
i'm totally WRONG
it's so un-grow up.
it's unfair.

it is just i do love someone mucho, so i can't pretending to hate them
because i only can hate someone badly IF i ever deeply in love with him
i remove them just because i'm scared.
i scare that someday i know that he will fallin in love with someone else.
i scare to know not to be part of his life anymore.
it was so sad knowing all his activities.
how was his life without me.
is he more happy?
is he can move on soon?
i just TO MUCH CARE of him and his life
so better if try and learn not to care of him anymore
it is one way to keep me struggle

i hate when someone delete their comment, or wall, or message that their already written
i already read it
and then some minutes later
it dissapears
it feels like someone change her mind
because they realized that texting you is a big mistake
and they dissapointed
it hurts. really

i ever removed by someone to
i just try to keep think positive
She or he love me like i did when i remove someone =)
let time heal that pain away,,amin

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kisah Indomie vs Bihun,,

Dikisahkan BIHUN sangat benci dan iri sama INDOMIE

Setiap kali bertemu di SUPERMARKET mereka gak pernah bertegur sapa..

Bahkan Bihun sering ngeledek dan menghina Indomie di muka umum..
” Dasar kribo, jelek mentang mentang kuning langsat dan lebih gemuk orang orang lebih suka sama dia.. Dasar gak tau malu ”

Hari hari berlalu.. bulan demi bulan..

Melihat Indomie makin populer kebencian bihun terhadap Indomie makin menumpuk..

Tapi Indomie tetep cuek dan pura pura gak tau..
” Emang gue pikirin.. Lo aja yang sirik,anjing menggonggong kafilah tetep berlalu ” kata Indomie

Pada suatu hari di Supermarket kedatangan barang baru bernama SPAGHETTI..

Dan langsung jadi primadona baru di supermarket itu..

Bihun yang sedari awal udah kesal.. Makin emosi..

Saking gak kuat nahan emosi, bihun melompat turun , berlari dari atas raknya dan langsung memukuli kepala Spaghetti sambil berteriak..

” Jangan kira gue gak ngenalin elu yaaaa, meski di rebonding gue tetep tau elo si Kribo jelek ituuu ”


Lumayan bikin ngakak tengah malem,,, XD

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mainan Doubutsu-Uranai ^^

Lets check the result,,



You are Orange Tiger who tend to be cheerful, carefree, pure and gentle sort of person.

You possess a relaxed atmosphere, and although you seem a proud person, you are actually friendly and open-hearted.

You are not cautious towards people you meet for the first time, and be able to act openly to men as well.

You possess extremely honest character, and never doubt others.

You are too ready to believe others, and are not terribly good at bargaining and tactics.

Your heart is too pure for that sort of things.

Your instinct and observing power is weak.

But you are intelligent enough to see things objectively.

Theory is very important for you, and therefore you are not good at fast action.

You are broad-minded person, and are well trusted by people.

You get too busy looking after the others, and may loose yourself.

You go about thing in your own pace, and you possess strong volunteering spirit.

But if something is unreasonable, you are very obstinate not to acknowledge it.

You are a person with strong sense of justice.

You can be optimistic towards life, and believe everything will settle just fine.

You like men who are well-dressed and smart, modern and educated.

After getting married you will be a caring wife, and tend to be busy going about doing lots of things.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

You've Got Mail

Wuaahhh,, lama juga g nge-blog akibat ujian bertubi2 ToT
I saw pretty movie last week. bukan. bukan di 21. tapi dikamar. dvd dipinjemi. lengkap dengan laptop. external dvd. plus earphone nya haha. Thanks to Mb Destrina. Luph u dahh ^^
Firstly i was underestimate sama ni film. tapi yasudlah g ada yg lain hoho. Like another love story, crita berkisar penemuan jodoh si tokoh utama. yang menarik adalah cara mereka bertemu...

Alkisah si cewek (Kathleen) dan cowok (Frank) sama2 udah punya pasangan masing2 (let say, living together for long time lah). Frank dan Kath ni, temen chatting. mereka g pernah ketemu sama sekali. tapi bersahabat via email (judulnya aja You've Got Mail). Dengan Frank, Kath bisa dengan bebas menceritakan apapun. They shared alot of things. Kegiatan mereka. Mimpi2 mereka. Bahkan hal2 yang g penting sekalipun menjadi menarik utk dibahas. They can be theirself purely. In a real world, mereka saingan bisnis. si Kath mengelola toko buku kecil warisan ibunya. si Frank, pengusaha sukses putra mahkota pemilik kerajaan bisnis FOX yang membuka toko buku modern besar disebrang toko kecil punya Kath. kehadiran toko FOX bikin usaha si cewek bangkrut.

In a weird way, mereka selalu bertemu. sampai akirnya mereka berteman saat keduanya sudah sama2 sendiri. Walaupun Kath g tau kalo Frank tu sahabat dunia maya-nya.

Aku menyukai quotes2 pas mereka memutuskan mengakhiri hubungan masing-masing.
yang cewek lg di coffee shop sama kekasihnya. membicarakan hubungan mereka.
You're a wonderful person, Kathleen.

So are you.

And I'm honored that you want to be with
me because you would never be with anyone
who wasn't truly worthy --

I feel exactly the same way about you.

Oh, God, don't say that, please, that
just makes it worse. (haha, cowok sekalipun masih punya hati
untuk menjaga perasaan wanitanya agar tak terlalu terluka)

(he shakes his head)
You don't love me?

Frank shakes his head no.

Me either.

You don't love me?

Kathleen shakes her head no.

But we're so right for each other.
(this is the worst things i hate about broke-up.
penyangkalan bahwa semua baik-baik saja. Saya sudah
terlalu nyaman dengan anda,,,)

I know.

That woman on television, right?

Frank nods.

I mean, nothing's happened or anything.

i can't help myself.

What about you? Is there someone else?

Oh, somewhere out there, I'm sure.
Somewhere --
(she throws up her hands)
In cyberspace.

Cukup sepenggal percakapan singkat. Dan mereka saling melepaskan, melanjutkan hidup masing-masing. No fighting. No hurt feeling.. Kirain bakal terjadi pertarungan seru ala selebritis kalo mau cerai. atau at least ada adegan guyur mengguyur minuman ke wajah si cowok dan sedikit tamparan di pipi ala termehek-mehek (=p). ternyata mereka bisa membuatnya terasa manis. Layaknya perpisahan Dewi Lestari dan Marcell.. sangat dewasa..

Bahkan mereka saling tanya apakah ada orang lain yang membuat mereka nyaman. What a nice couple. Mereka menyadari mungkin selama ini relationship mereka cuman karena rutinitas semata. dan mungkin dengan saling melepaskan mereka bakal lebih bahagia,,,
menurutku tiap orang punya "cetakan"nya sendiri2. ada yang memang cocoknya sebagai pasangan. ada yg jauh lebih nyaman jika jadi sahabat atau sodaraan. it depens on our feel. just urself who knows exactly what it should be,,

Kalo yg cowok beda lagi. pas lagi di lift. listrik mati. dan dia terjebak didalam sama kekasihnya, petugas lift, sama seorang wanita dan anjingnya. Ketika lagi nunggu bantuan. tiba2 si wanita nyeletuk "If I ever get out of here, I'm going to
start speaking to my mother.I wonder what she's doing right this minute. I think of her... whenever I hear about a new pill. Ecstasy, Zoloft, Fenphen, I just think, I hope Mama knows about that".
Si petugas lift meneruskan "If I ever get out of here...I'm marrying Oreet. I love her. I should marry her. I don't know what's been stopping me". sambil menunjukkan foto kekasihnya yang nyelip di dompet. saat si cowok hendak meneruskan. kata2nya terhenti. He was realized that he don't know what he want exactly,,
Fiuhh,,jd mikir jg. What i really want exactly =)
  • What kind of guy i love? should he was older than me? kind of good boy or lil bit bad? should he was first child (like me?), in the middle, or last child? should he smart? Religion? Have a great job? is he a banker to? or enterpreneur? or expert in one subject? is he funny? or the quite one? is he cool? or humble? How about his parents? his family? his friends? his brother or sisters? sadly i don't think so exactly till now =( i have no criteria
  • What kind of job that i love most? Which make me full of passion. can stop to work. Even more, i can not separated when i doing my job or just playing my hobby hehe
  • What will i do 5 years again? should i have a "husband-wannabe"? hehe (not interesting to looking for a boyfriend). should i travelling around the world (eh Indonesia dulu deh) g kalah bagus kok =p. should i doing Hajj (amiiin) go to makkah. buying car. building my small-comfy-house. Hooohhh daydreaming ^^
  • And another " If i,,,,,i'm going to,,,"

Most of all, in last film. akhirnya si cewek tahu siapa temen emailnya sebenarnya. n she says "i want it to be you. i want it to be you so badly,,," Like another love story, it ended with "....and they happily ever after"

Someone told me "Jodoh itu seperti kematian. tidak ada yang pernah menduga kapan datangnya dan entah dengan cara apa datangnya". but for sure it will come to you someday,,

Monday, February 8, 2010

something cute enough for my next-bday-target

pas lg malming sama mbak2 sekamar full team,
nemu sesuatu yg keren.
awalnya ngincer jaket-biker-ungu nya logo
tapi ternyata sudah raib
yasudah, memang blom rejeki
eheh malah nemu blazer lucuuu
saking lucunya lgsg foto2 dahh
walo ada yg blg warnanya kayak PNS lah, DinKes lah
tapi aku tetap cintaaa hehe
sayang kurang panjang, jdnya mikir2 kalo dibuat baju kantor (lha trus dibuat kmana ya?!) hehe
karena duit udah jd tiket pesawat PP
jd urunglah niatan ini hehe
sampai jumpa lagi blazer lucuu

eh, ada lagi
ini nih
buku best seller "EAT, PRAY, LOVE" by Elizabeth Gilbert
English version IDR 100,000

Kamera Lomo yg blom kesampean,,

d part two

@sungai Siak

pangananipun,, es terong Belandaa^^ dan ikan ntah-apa-namanya

Mpek-mpek Pak Raden

ni halte "busway"nya

Gapura bandaranya,,

suasana dalemnya,,


the waiting room,,


wisata kuliner dan tempat wisatanya ^^

tuna steak, french fries, and avocado float hmmm,,,

aneh tapi nyata, disana air mineralnya ginian semua. unfamiliar brand

ini dia jengkol masak peddess ala melayu favoritkuuu^^

the yummiest!! bandingkan ukurannya XD

@Danau buatan,,,

Friday, February 5, 2010

Riau.Lagi.Lagilagi.Riau =))

ni beberapa spot2 "manis" yg kutemukan disana,,

ni lg setengah bangun (apa setengah tidur yak?!?) di executive lounge Soekarno Hatta
thanks to kartu kredit gold BRI. u can enjoy it for Rp1 alias free

nyampe Pekanbaru @ Bandara Sultan Syarif Kasim II Pekanbaru

JengJeeeeng,,, bangunan2 lucu ditengah kotaaa

ada lagi ini

ayo tebak,, ni gedung apaa?? kukasi petunjuk ya
perhatikan tampak samping. berbentuk apakah itu??

yap! betulbetul (berteriak ala Upin Ipin)
bentuknya BUKU TERBUKA
ini namanya perpustakaan,,hehe

ini ini,,

itu itu,,


kuning-kuning di pinggir jalan hehe

eh.ada pesawat nyasar

dan tak lupa, wisata kulinernya ^^

Sunday, January 31, 2010

udah bulan februari, rasanya seperti mimpi

Hasil nyobain modem baru,baru nyampe kamar tiba jakarta langsung dah online ^^ senangnyaa XD Alhamdulillah,,

hasil traveling ke Pekanbaru Riau:

  1. Untuk first flight Jakarta - Pekanbaru cuma ada 3 maskapai penerbangan. Garuda Indonesia, Mandala, sama Lion Air. Sesuaikanlah dengan budget anda. So far, Lion memang paling ekonomis. haha tebaklah. Aku naik Lion Air =) - jadwal jam 6.45, berangkat jam 4.15. yah,,namanya juga Jakarta
  2. Bandara udara Pekanbaru namanya Sultan Syarif Kasim II. karena selama ini taunya Juanda sama Soekarno Hatta doang, standar internasional jadinya terasa jadul sangat ni bandara. Unik. Banyak ukiran2nya. tempat pengambilan bagasinya 1 doang. bandaranya mungil nan tradisional bangett
  3. Puter2 kota dan tersepona dengan bentuk2 bangunan disini. check this out. eh jangan salah ada busway juga bok. lengkap sama haltenya
  4. Mampir Pasar Bawah beli oleh-oleh lompok duren, gantungan kunci, kacang polong, dan jajanan "lucu-lucu" lainnya.
  5. Nge-mall (halah,,,jauh2) gpp si nemenin dek Keke. mall nya ada 4. lumayan lengkap pula. mau giant, hypermart, makro, semua ada^^ haiyahh ada juga ternyata


  1. Bangun tidur sarapan, nasgor+telor ceplok, plus segelas susu. dan berangkatlah kita ke Danau Buatan. tempatnya luas. semacam Sarangan gitu tapi lebih luaaaaasss bangett. sayangnya g terawat. parahnya, G ADA TOILETNYAAA!!! Gawat dahh. walau tiket masuknya cuman Rp 5.000 perak, tapi ni keterlaluan wohoho. pesan moral: -> jangan kebanyakan minum kalo g mau pipis di danau
  2. Akibat dari langkanya toilet, next destination is MALL CIPUTRA. haha numpang toilet doang. cuci cuci mata
  3. Setelah jalan sampe kelaperan, cari makanlah kita. lunch di pinggir sungai Siak. satu-satunya sungai di Pekanbaru. ngicip menu ikan apa gitu lupa namanya. konon cuma ada di pekanbaru. dan skali lagi ketemu jengkol haha. selain dimasak pedess kuah2 gule gitu, ada lagi yg namanya emping jengkol. rasanya mantabh dicocol sambel tomat. hmm yuummyyy. minumnya Jus Terong Belanda. Suegerrrr
  4. Kenyang maem kita ke Mayang. semacam tempat outdoor activities. ada flying fox, sepeda air, berjalan diair pake bola raksasa, mainan anak2, sampe panggung hiburan. lumayan lah disana. much better than danau buatan. sebelum itu tak lupa beli es ketan duren nan mantabh nian.
  5. Puas main2, tujuan trakir adalah ke Bandaraaa,,, sebelum itu,ternyata mampir lagi! kali ini ke Mpek-Mpek Pak Raden. Bussett,,"sampah" bener dah ni perut hehe
  6. jadwal pesawat jam 18.05, aq nyampe bandara jam5. sempet poto2 dulu, solat2 dulu, nonton gosip (walahhh), liat pesawat seliwar-seliwer, romantic sunset. sampe akirnya si Lion baru datang jam 6 lebih. dan baru berangkat Jakarta jam 18.30. Hufftt

Sayonara Riau-Pekanbaru
Sampai berjumpa pula^^

*hate this feeling. when u realize that u lost something. 2 hari disini. perjalanan ini. ketawa. bubu berjamaah. puter2 kota sampe ke pinggiran. makanan yg enak2. barang yg lucu2. dan terutama perhatian dan sayangnya tante-om-dan adek2 spupu2ku yg ketemu paling cepet setahun sekali. kenangan ini,,

mata semakin pedes,,savety belt udah kepasang,bibir udah berucap doa,sayup2 suara pramugari tak mampu mengalihkan pikiranku.memandang ke jendela, langit mulai menjingga tanda matahari dah mau pergi. Perlahan mata terpejam, membawaku terbang jauh.jauh.jauh membumbung tinggi hingga nanti kembali ke Jakarta raya