Tuesday, August 26, 2014

thinking about resign

I think about it today.

After reading some article and someone blog. I can't stop thinking of this. I read someone story about how he finally resign from his presticious job in Indonesia, where a hundred maybe thousand people wish at his position. He said that when first entry working he can absolutely know what is right and wrong. What is black and white. And after 6years working, he even didn't know what grey is. He lost his idealism. He lost his passion. He lost his working spirit. And when i read all of the blog comments below, i realised that he is not alone in this world who feel it. And i myself realized to, that i am not alone.

Then i read rheinad Kasali's article at Rumah Perubahan. He said about "Lentera Jiwa" or light of Soul. Every human always searching and looking for their Light of Soul, something that can make them happy, something that can make them exciting everyday, something that most people know about passion. Something that i am questioning in one time in my daily life "is this what i am looking for, for so long?"

There is what some people say "The Cage" (kurungan jiwa). Youth people in one time ever feel it. How life become so boring. And i always asking over and over again is this right? Or is this just not so me.

Then (again) today i read some travelling book that write by my sister's friend. It tell me about her experience to Sabang Island or Weh Island in the corner of Indonesian border. Her telling me about how she enjoy her life. About her dream to travelling around Indonesia with her (future) husband. And in the end of her story is she resign from her architec job.

I think i sould think about it. Because Life should be magical and meaningful ♥


  1. buku yang membuat aku fix resign dulu adalah buku Rene Suhardono "Your job is not your career". hehe. Dulu aku lulus kuliah sempat kerja di salah satu media cetak. itu sbnrnya pekerjaan yang emg aku pengen dari jaman kuliah. tp baca buku rene jadi memantapkan aku utk resign. hehe

  2. Mana mana postingan terbarunya :D

    Trus blogpost ini kelanjutannya gimana Yak? Ihh kemarin pas ketemuan kok aku ga nanyain ttg ini yaaaa

  3. @Fika : langsung cuz ke gramedia ni cari tu buku :p gimana rasanya setelah resign fik?

    @tia: yak,,tenang,,udah stock tulisan lumayan banyak ni. cuman fotonya blom bisaaa hiks