Friday, August 30, 2013

End of month, August

Waiting for my husband to come :)
Ya. We have a schedule once a month we will meet up. He will come to Jakarta. Or i will go to Yogya. Life is not easy when we are separated from our family. Parents, sister, and my husband. But it is the consequence from our choice in life. No regrets, just try to enjoy time to time in our daily life. People can not have perfect life, because this is earth, not heaven. We are human, not angel. We make mistake, we learn more. Maybe this is 'perfect life' that God give to me, in Allah will. I can learn many things in my everyday. In office, in my room, in my spare time. Actually i am enjoying life. In my office, shopping after hour, or even just reading magazine while drinking hot chocolate in my spare time. I can do all i want to do. Founding new hobby : cooking :). And when i am happy, many ideas pop out of my brain. I have many dreams to become true. And i am so excited to do so. Many places that i wanna visit. Many things i wanna try. Oohh life, why are you so mysterious

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